WC403 Speckled Buff 11.3kg

This is a claybody specifically formulated by request from Midwest and Eastern US potters. Low in sand and grog content, speckled buff clay is relatively smooth in texture and makes for an excellent throwing body. The color palette has been described as 'desert' or 'southwest'. This clay does great in both oxidation and reduction, due to the speckled inclusions that provide dimension in both types of firing. In oxidation, Speckled Buff falls into the tan/brown color range, and customers have noted that the speckles do often appear through semi-opaque glaze.

Firing range: Cone 5

Wet color: Red-brown

Fire color, oxidation: Buff with specks

Fire color, reduction: Brown with specks

Texture: Smooth to slightly coarse

Average Shrinkage: 12%

$57 a bag

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