Primo Pro Clays are coming in from Europe. Most are listed below.

Prices here are for individual bags. Making an order of 100kg of clay whether one or a mixture of different clays will give you a discounted price. See the pricelist.

Buff Clay with speckle. 10kg $26

20% grog up to 0.5mm granular size.

1000 to 1250 degrees firing range.

Grey Clay with Speckle. 10kg $26

20% Grey grog up to 0.5mm granular size

1000 to 1250 degrees firing range.

Cream Clay with Speckle. 10kg $26 *OUT OF STOCK

More in Mid Sept.

25% grog very fine up to 0.2mm granular size.

1000 to 1280 degrees firing range.

Black Stoneware Nigra. 10kg $36

20% fine grog up to 0.2mm granular size.

1000 to 1240 degrees firing range.

RTM 5015 Sculptural Stoneware 10kg $27

50% Chamotte (grog) up to 1.5mm granular size.

Good characteristics in drying and firing due to high Chamotte. This clay is recommended for modelling and sculptural works.

1000degrees to 1280degrees range.

R Terracotta 10kg $18

OUT OF STOCK more in mid Sept

A good plastic Terracotta clay.

Good for modelling and for the wheel.

Max temp 1200degrees

Red Stoneware 10kg $21

Similar characteristics to R Terracotta but a few more dollars to buy!!

Max temp 1220degrees

Red Stoneware Grogged 10kg $23

25% Chamotte (grog) with up to 0.5mm granular size.

Red Stoneware.

Max temp 1220degrees

W White Stoneware 10kg $23

A plastic clay. Cream in colour.

The higher you fire the better for vitrification.

Max temp 1280degrees

W2502 White Stoneware 10kg $23

25% very fine Chamotte (grog). granular max size 0.2mm.

K144 Brown Earthenware 10kg $29

Dark brown almost black plastic clay.

1000 to 1150 degrees.

Hanjiki Half Porcelain 10kg $29 ******** NO LONGER AVAILABLE***********

PW20 Pro Production White 10kg $32