Kilns. Wheels

Cowley Double Drive Potters Wheel is a popular option if you're looking for a new wheel. I use one myself and enjoy the smoothness and speed control. A low maintainence wheel. 0.5 HP motor. Compact in size. Weighs approx 45kg.

The Venco Direct Drive.

more due in July 2022

Motor: Direct drive 550W (3/4 HP) permanent magnet. No belts or pulleys (nothing to tension, no belt thump). Brushless design (maintenance free). Ultra quiet and incredible low speed torque

Corrosion resistant aluminium tray and wheel head. Steel frame/body zinc plated and powder coated for extreme corrosion resistance

Ergonomic low profile foot pedal

Intelligent microprocessor based control system for smooth, precise control

Easy clean touch pad control on side of wheel - forward and reverse button

Energy efficient – low power consumption

0 - 300 RPM

Cobcraft make a variety of kilns we can easily get you a quote including the cost of delivery. Kiln elements we stock and parts can be ordered.

3.2 cuft kiln. 91 litre. Internal size 505mm wide. 430mm high. Power single phase 6kw.

Max Temp is 1300 degrees celsius

If you would like a quote or want to make an enquiry please do not hesitate to contact Nelson Pottery Supplies.