Plastic Callipers 310mm.


Stainless Callipers

Clay Wire Cutter

wooden ended wire 450mm long. The other 400mm


80mm long

Files 5 fine sculpture files

small files for intricate filing. approx 150mm long

Glazing Tongs

wooden handled tongs approx 320mm long.

Hand Clay Gun

small extruder. dies only 15mm diameter

Hole Cutters

Largest hole cutter approx 23mm. Smallest 5mm. Length 170mm.

Long V Type Knife

Length 180mm. blade 60mm.

Loop Cobcraft Turning Tools

Length 190mm. popular turning tools.

Loop turning toll

Length 130mm


wooden handle needle length 140mm

Pallet Knife Flexible

Length 215mm. Blade 120mm

Plastic Handle Knives

Large knife 210mm

Sieves- Cup

6 different mesh sizes of Test Sieves. From a 60 mesh thru to 200. The Talisman test sieves are moulded from super strong polycarbonate which has the rigidity and smooth feel of glass, resistant to UV damage, and virtually unbreakable.

Talisman test sieves use only 316 marine grade stainless woven mesh - the same material used in surgical instruments. The more commonly used 304 stainless is more susceptible to corrosion from chloride and other substances.

Stainless Scraper. Set of 4

Largest Scraper 140mm long.

Rubber Kidneys

Largest approx length 135mm.

Smallest 75mm.

Short Blade Knife

Length 150mm. blade 28mm

Slip Trailer Set with 4 nozzles


Approx diameter 75mm

Tool Kit. 8 tools

Includes sponge, stainless rib, wooden rib, Turning Tool. cutting wire,

Tool Kit

5 sculpting tools.

Tool Set

6 Sculpting Tools


Extra Large approx 180mm in length with nozzle. Smallest pink trailer approx 82mm.

Turning tools

Single and double ended Cobcraft Turning Tools. Approx 150mm in length.

Wire Tools

7 Pin tool 140mm length. Wooden handled 165mm length.


Plastic woks. Deep Wok 450mm diameter by 230mm deep. Large Wok approx 670mm diameter.

A great option for your glazing.

Wooden Handle Knife

Length 172mm. Blade 63mm

Wooden Modelling Tools

A variety of Wooden Tools. Length approx 150mm

Wooden Rib

Length 100mm