Xiem Tools

Batmate 12inch (30.5cm) $29

Xiem Batmate is the perfect solution for annoying bat jitter and warping. Place Batmate below your problem bats on the wheel and instantly your warped bats become stable.

It is also great for trimming bowls and plates - just dampen the mat and place on your wheelhead, then position the piece to be trimmed/turned. The friction will be sufficient to hold both mat and piece securely during trimming/turning.

Self Adhesive Foam 14inch (35.5cm) $40

Xiem Studio Tools innovative peel-and-stick self-adhesive foam trimming bat is ideal for trimming large bowls and plates without the use of a coil to attach the piece to the wheel head. The foam bat sticks firmly to all types of 14" or larger wood and plastic bats.

Once applied to the bat, its surface grips the rims of leather hard pieces and holds them in place for trimming. Items can be easily centered using the concentric rings.