Potters Clay

A range of clays available from here when requested.

The full range is listed in the pricelist.

Prices below are for individual bags. 100kg clay order will give you a discount.

4 popular clays by Potters Clays are -

PCW 20kg $56

Cone 9 and 10 clay. 80mesh. Pale grey colour in oxidation. Grey in reduction.

SC80 20kg $56

Cone 9 and 10 clay. Slightly smoother than PCW.

SLAB 20kg $58

Cone 10 and 11 clay. White to grey firing clay. Excellent green strength with natural occuring grog containing feldspar.

CB3 20kg $58

1120 to 1170 degrees. Buff to grey colour in Oxidation. Grey in reduction. 50 mesh clay. Easy throwing clay.