Mudtools are here at Nelson Pottery Supplies.

Sponges. Shredders. Polymer Ribs. Dragtools. Curly and Heavy Wires.

Blue Workhorse Mudsponge

Natural Sponge. Very absorbant. Shaped like other wooden or stainless ribs.


White Finishing Mudsponge

Finishing Sponge. Use it like a chamois. Less Absorbant than the Blue Workhorse.


Orange Absorbant Mudsponge

More absorbant than the other 2. Good throwing sponge.


Heavy Duty Wire

The heavy gauge wire is built to take on the big jobs and groggy clay.

Over 40cm long


Curly Wire

Curly Wire is designed to leave a ripple type pattern in the clay. Great for texture whether leaving the clay unglazed or glazed.


Standard Wire

The high grade stainless steel braided cable is more resistant to kinking than common cable or solid wire and stronger than nylon fishing line.


green mudwire

Small Shredder

Small Rasp type shredder


Replacement Blades

2 for $13

Conical Shredder

Curved Rasp type Shredder


Flat Shredder

Long Flat Rasp type Shredder



Fold away Needle and the other end for taking away waste from the bottom of your thrown works while still on the wheel.


Polymer Ribs

This is the most popular of the Polymer Rib shapes. The red rib is the softest of the range.


Polymer Ribs

Also available in BLUE, GREEN, and YELLOW

some smaller and slightly bigger too.

All $22ea.