MKM Pottery Tools

HandRoller - $29ea.

10cm long by 1.5cm diameter

D3. Waves

D9. Curlicue

D26. Dots & Lines

D42. Laura's flora

D43. Sardine Marine

D45. Swooping Swallows

D47. Flowing waters

D50. Falling Leaves

D54. Stone Wall

D63. Knit Stitch

D66. Honey Comb

HandRoller - $37ea.

12cm Long by 2.5cm diameter

B7. Daisies

B10. Curlicue

B28. Big Circles

B38. Floral Fun

B58. Honeycomb

B79. Psychedelic Wave

Long HandRoller -$58ea.

20cm long by 2.5cm diameter

L4. Crazy Vine

L6. Citrus Slices

L8. Pacific Waves

L10. Shells

L16. Art Nouveau. Leaf Pattern

FingerRoller - $23ea.

0.8cm wide

F1. Dots

F2. Squares

F4. Fancy Zigzag

F10. Vine with leaves and flowers

F12. Greek Key - Round Spiral

F13. Waves

F20. Lines and Dots


F6. Daisy

Small Stamp - $11.50ea.

1.5cm round

ss1. Dog Paw

ss3. Debossed Daisy

ss4. Daisy

ss5. Bird Outline

ss11. Circle

ss17. Sea Turtle

ss19. Tropical Fish

ss28. Butterfly 1

ss21. Nautilus

ss37. Double Heart

ss45. Flower 1

ss60. Beech leaf

ss116. Spiral

ss149. Dragon Fly

ss150. Big Fish

ss164. Big Heart

Medium Stamp -$16

2.5cm round

m11. Target

m17. Turtle

m21. Nautilus

m22. Starfish

m59. Flower outline

m82. 10 Pointed Star

m87. Sun

m116. Spiral

m118. Tri-spiral

m149. Dragon Fly

m150. Fish

m159. Honey bee

Big Stamp - 4cm. $21.50

B4. Spiral Sun

B6. Spiral

B24. Tree of Life

B45. Chrysanthemum

Twig Roller - $21

T6. Leaves in the Wind

T8. Lines and Dots

T10. Fern Leaves 1

T13. Fern Leaves 2

T15. Pebbles

T16. Topographic

T22. Flower

T33. Winter Aspen

T43. Daisy Geometric