MKM pottery tools

New to Nelson Pottery Supplies MKM pottery tools.

Hand Rollers and stamps.

They have their own page under Equipment on this website.

Primo Clays

PrimoPro Clays are a popular new range of clays.

These include 2 White Stoneware bodies with 25% grog. One has max granular size grog of 0.5mm and the other 0.2mm.

3 speckled stoneware bodies. A black clay.

A terracotta which will go to 1220 degrees. It's a nice orange colour at 1100degrees.

A couple of red Stoneware bodies.

Feeneys BRT

Firing range: 1000-1280°C

Texture: Coarse

% Shrinkage wet to dry: 2.2

% Shrinkage dry to fired: 1.0@1080°C 4.0@1300 °C

Fired colour (oxidation): Dark speckled mottle

Fired colour (reduction): Dark brown mottles with iron blebs

Other Feeneys clays in stock are White Raku, and Buff Raku Sandy.

The Feeneys White Raku Paper Clay seems to be popular also and will be getting more in the next order from Australia.


Wide selection of brushes available. All the brushes in this image are in stock.

Cowley Double Drive Potters Wheel

Popular NZ made potters wheel.

Up to 20kg can be used on this wheel.

Low Maintenance wheel.

Extremely reliable mechanism.

Aluminium Wheelhead 280mm diameter

Powerful enough for extra large pots

Controllable speed from 0 to 240 rpm

Reverse switch.