July 2018.

Primo Red Brown Stoneware.

I have over 20 bags of this clay on SPECIAL.

10KG bag - $18.

Smooth, plastic, good general purpose Stoneware Clay.

Bisq 950 - 1000. Glaze 1200 - 1280.

Macs White.

As some of you now know the recipe of this clay has changed. Obviously this means the new clay will need to be tested by you the user to see if it can still achieve the same results as the old batches. Macs have extensively tested to achieve a white clay made of all NZ materials.

The clay is only a little greyer when fired which is a great result. The clay also has a slightly higher shrinkage to the old Macs White.

A selection of teapot handles are available.

A large selection of used batts.

Buff Raku Trachyte

A popular handbuilding and Sculptural Clay.

12.5kg bag = $40.

Gold Lustre.

I have a few 2gram bottles of Bright Gold Lustre available.


Some new dagger brushes available


I can courier a bag of clay (20kg) in NZ for $12 or $18 if rural address.


Please make contact by phone or email. If I have not listed an item you're after, I will endeavour to help.

- Stephen