Orton Cones.

Hopefully in February there will most cones available again. Looking forward to this. Been a bit of a shortage unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Keane Special K

Creamy colour at 1200 degrees. Suitable for large sculptural work. Can be multi fired. Shrinks about 11% at 1200 degrees.

Paper Clays

A few paper clays available. Primo Stoneware. Walkers PC103 stoneware. Walkers White Eathenware. 1 bag still of Feeney white raku.

Cowley Extruder

Fire Engine Red . $445 incl the 5 dies in the photo.

Southern Ice

A lot of this popular porcelain available.


Wide selection of brushes available. If there is one that you're after I'll endeavour to help.

Cowley Double Drive Potters Wheel

Popular NZ made potters wheel.

Up to 20kg can be used on this wheel.

Low Maintenance wheel.

Extremely reliable mechanism.

Aluminium Wheelhead 280mm diameter

Powerful enough for extra large pots

Controllable speed from 0 to 240 rpm

Reverse switch.