It's 2018!

We have a variety of clays from Australia that are new to Nelson Pottery Supplies. These include a Keanes Terracotta A fine clay which is excellent to throw, with good modelling and hand forming qualities. Firing a light to medium terracotta colour at 1100c. An appropriate choice when a fine surface is desirable. Another is Keanes Stoneware 33 does the decorating for you. It produces a heavily iron-speckled surface which is magnified by the application of glaze as it bleeds through. A versatile plastic body with lovely throwing properties, also good for hand building applications. recommended firing temp 1280 to 1300.

Keanes Lumina Mid Fire. Fire to cone 6. KEANE Lumina Mid Fire is a true porcelain so firing accurately is important. Thin pieces will be amazingly translucent. The added bentonite makes the workability of this clay incredible.

A clear glaze which fits a number of stoneware clays including Potters Clay White which is a popular stoneware clay made in Nelson that has all NZ ingredients. We have also tested this glaze on Macs Whitestone and Keane Stoneware 33 and it looks good.