March 2018.

The Keane Mid Fire Lumina I'm looking forward to using this month.

I'll be showing some of the results from the wheel on Facebook and Instagram.

A number of second hand batts for sale including these almost square batts from $1 each.

3 Feeneys Clays Available

Primo Clays

We have all the porcelain primo clays in stock and also the Pw20. Pw20 is a production white clay which good for throwing and building with a firing range of 1160 - 1260. Clear glaze 271D fits and is good up to approx 1210 degrees.

Red Brown Terracotta is popular clay with a a wide firing temperature of 1100 - 1240. Nice chocolate brown at 1200degrees and the 271D fits this clay body. The bag suggests Slab and Build but can also be used on the potters wheel. You may need to add some water to bag and leave a couple of days to allow it soften the 10kg block especially if you are wanting to use on the wheel.

Stoneware Clear Glaze - FS6935

A clear glaze which fits a number of stoneware clays including Potters Clay White which is a popular stoneware clay made in Nelson that has all NZ ingredients. We have also tested this glaze on Macs Whitestone and Keane Stoneware 33 and it looks good.


We can send a bag of clay (20kg) in NZ for $12 or $17 if rural address. Also if you're wanting a larger quantity - 20 plus bags we can get you a quote for sending some clay on a pallet.

Check out the pricelist. Most items listed.


Please make contact by phone or email if I have not listed an item you're after. I will endeavour to help.

- Stephen