Nelson Pottery Supplies has a wide range of clays available. The latest of which is a Laguna Speckled Buff Clay from the States.

Smooth in texture . Excellent for throwing.

Suggested temp cone 5. I've tested it at cone 6. It looks like the image here and 271D clear glaze has not crazed yet after 4 days.

Oxidation - buff. Reduction - brown.

shrinks about 12%.

Keane Special K

Creamy colour at 1200 degrees. Suitable for large sculptural work. Can be multi fired. Shrinks about 11% at 1200 degrees.

Paper Clays

A few paper clays available. Primo Stoneware. Walkers PC103 stoneware. Walkers White Eathenware. 1 bag still of Feeney white raku.

Cowley Extruder

Fire Engine Red . $445 incl the 5 dies in the photo.