Nelson Pottery Supplies has a wide range of clays available. The latest of which is a Laguna Speckled Buff Clay from the States.

Smooth in texture . Excellent for throwing.

Suggested temp cone 5. I've tested it at cone 6. It looks like the image here and 271D clear glaze has not crazed yet after 4 days.

Oxidation - buff. Reduction - brown.

shrinks about 12%.

Keane Special K

Creamy colour at 1200 degrees. Suitable for large sculptural work. Can be multi fired. Shrinks about 11% at 1200 degrees.

Paper Clays

A few paper clays available. Primo Stoneware. Walkers PC103 stoneware. Walkers White Eathenware. 1 bag still of Feeney white raku.

Cowley Extruder

Fire Engine Red . $445 incl the 5 dies in the photo.

The 60th CERAMICUS exhibition opening was celebrated on Wednesday evening, 14 November. The exhibition, at Academy Galleries on Queens Wharf from 16 November to 1 December, shows over 150 original clay works created by the Wellington Potters’ Association members including new pieces by guest artist Sam Duckor-Jones. Held together with Splash 2018, the national exhibition of Watercolour New Zealand, the walls display impressive and colourful artworks too.

The Nelson Pottery Supplies Award for Innovation in Ceramics was won by Dani Henke’s piece “Deer?” which impressed the judge with its twist on original and projected artwork.

A big congratulations to Dani. Awesome. :-)

Check out Wellington Potters Association Facebook page for more Ceramicus photos. Well worth a look.