May 2018.

A tonne of PORCELAIN has arrived. Southern Ice and Cool Ice. 10kg - $65.

Southern Ice recommended firing temp 1260 to 1300. Best Translucency 1280 and above.

Cool Ice firing temp 1186 - 1240.

These 5 tools are $24.

New and used kiln props available from 1 inch to 10 inch.

A large selection of used batts.

Walker Paper Clay

Paper Clay Earthenware White Clay is also back in stock this month. 1060 - 1250 is it's firing temp. Slab, Handbuild or throw is possible with this paper clay.

Gold Lustre.

I have a few 2gram bottles of Bright Gold Lustre available.


Some new dagger brushes available


I can send a bag of clay (20kg) in NZ for $12 or $17 if rural address. Also if you're wanting a larger quantity - 20 plus bags we can get you a quote for sending some clay on a pallet.


Please make contact by phone or email if I have not listed an item you're after. I will endeavour to help.

- Stephen