There have been a few changes at Nelson Pottery Supplies in March and April. A new wall (see image of beautiful white washed Ply! ) has been put in and another wall was replaced and the third wall strengthened. New LED lighting showing off the wide selection of clays, stains, raw materials, cones, glazes, underglazes, pottery tools, brushes, and a Shimpo RK55 potters wheel.

Laguna Speckled Buff Clay

Suggested firing temp 1200. I've had it tested in a reduction atmosphere to 1300 though and it handled it fine. Diverse. Very popular buff clay.

Feeneys BRT

Firing range: 1000-1280°C

Texture: Coarse

% Shrinkage wet to dry: 2.2

% Shrinkage dry to fired: 1.0@1080°C 4.0@1300 °C

Fired colour (oxidation): Dark speckled mottle

Fired colour (reduction): Dark brown mottles with iron blebs

Other Feeneys clays in stock are White Raku, and Buff Raku Sandy.

The Feeneys White Raku Paper Clay seems to be popular also and will be getting more in the next order from Australia.

Shimpo RK55 Potters Wheel

RK-55 is a belt-driven lightweight wheel. Featuring a remote pedal, two-piece splash pan, an automatic belt-tensioning system.

Reversible. Good for up to 12kg of clay.


Southern Ice

A lot of this popular porcelain available.

Truly magnificent, translucent, white porcelain.

For best whiteness and translucency fire in reduction.

Mesh: 120#

Bisque: 07 to 05 (Orton cones)

Glaze: 8 to 10 (Orton cones)

Shrinkage: 14% (Wet to fired)

$65 a 10kg bag. Can courier 2 bags to most areas of NZ for $12. If you are Rural an extra $6.


Wide selection of brushes available. All the brushes in this image are in stock.

Cowley Double Drive Potters Wheel

Popular NZ made potters wheel.

Up to 20kg can be used on this wheel.

Low Maintenance wheel.

Extremely reliable mechanism.

Aluminium Wheelhead 280mm diameter

Powerful enough for extra large pots

Controllable speed from 0 to 240 rpm

Reverse switch.