Clay supply

Most of the PrimoPro clays should be back in stock by the end of May.

Primo Midfire Porcelain. Primo Low fire are back.

Macs clays availability is getting better. Macs Buff Speckle here. Also Brick Red, Southern Red, and Buff Stoneware. Back orders taken for Macs Classic White.


Chris Light Speckle is here.

Blackwattle Snowhite Paper Clay

A white paper clay arriving in June.

1080 - 1200celsius clay.


Wide selection of brushes available. All the brushes in this image are in stock.

Cowley Double Drive Potters Wheel

Popular NZ made potters wheel.

Up to 20kg can be used on this wheel.

Low Maintenance wheel.

Extremely reliable mechanism.

Aluminium Wheelhead 280mm diameter

Powerful enough for extra large pots

Controllable speed from 0 to 240 rpm

Reverse switch.