Macs Mud

Macs White. Very Popular fine smooth textured white clay. Good for throwing & handbuilding. Can be fired in both oxidation and reduction atmospheres. 1160- 1300.

Macs Buff Stoneware. Iron bearing clay. Good for throwing and handbuilding. 1220 - 1300

Macs Whitestone vitrified at 1280. Also a good Raku Clay.

Macs Brick Red. Fine sand gives this clay strength for both throwing and handbuilding. 1050 - 1130

Potters Clay

A variety clays are available on order from Potters Clays. A popular stoneware is Potters Clay White. Recommended temp range is 1250 - 1280.

For the full list of clays available - check out the pricelist.

Also available is a casting slip in 10L pal and 20kg of powder to make up your own brew. Recommended temp is cone 6.

Primo Clays

Primo have a variety of clays and also a porcelain casting slip.

Pw20 a popular production white clay 1160 - 1260.

Red Brown Terracotta also popular fires a nice colour at cone 6.

3 porcelains and stonewares also available. Check out the pricelist.


Buff Raku Trachyte. Strong plastic body. A handbuilding and sculpture clay. a wide firing range up to 1280.

White Raku. Throw, Handbuild, Slab. Fire 900 - 1300.

Buff Raku Sandy. Buff colour. A coarse clay for handbuilding & sculpture. Fire 1000 - 1300


A few keane clays available.

Earthenware. Fine Grog clay. Good for Handbuilding and throwing. 1080- 1100

Stoneware 33. A heavily speckled clay. 1250 - 1300.

Stoneware 5b. Fine grog sand clay. 1250 - 1300.

Lumina MidFire. Beautiful crisp white porcelain. cone 6


A few Walkers clays available.

White E/W paper clay. throwable. slab and handbuild. 1060-1250

Stoneware10. Robust whitestoneware. Great for production throwing and handbuilding. mesh 80. 1260- 1300.

School Terracotta. Coarse plastic body. 1000- 1200.


Southern Ice Porcelain. Recommended firing temperature 1260 - 1300. Best Translucency at 1280 and above.